Friday, May 29, 2009


They both do white sausages.  And they both do nice mosaic-work.

Although Barcelona has a much better football team.


At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Lisa M. said...

"Although Barcelona has a much better football team." You know Sal, those are fighting words...although, the fact that their football is soccer and ours is, well, football, you're safe.

On another topic, may I suggest, okay, PLEAD, for you to make the trip up to my part of the badger state...maybe I can entice you to come during our annual Beer Fest in May!?!

Miss talking to you...Lisa

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Carol and Henry said...

Hi Sal, thought we lost ya. We are the New Yorkers with Weber Smokers in Nerja, Spain. Still here and not planning to leave.
Sorry to hear about your divorce.
Am currently going through the driving school experience. Needs to get done before the Guardia catch us, as a Californian friend was(big fines, ouch). We now also watch US football late Sunday night with original language broadcast. May I also say, Oct and Nov this year has not been below 70 F yet. May I also say, without being too un-PC, it's the British ex-pats that wear us down, not the Spanish themselves. The bureaucracy is what it is and you get used to it...some places in the States are no better. Anyway, we're hanging in..but lots of luck to you and we are a bit jealous of the mega sausage BBQ.
Regards, Carol and Henry


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