Friday, July 09, 2004


I went to Bar Alcázar at 10:15 this morning for coffee and a chocolate chip muffin. Unlike other mornings, however, today I went armed with a pen and pad. My mission: To conduct an earnest (albeit unscientific) survey of what the bar patrons were drinking at this tender hour.

As I’ve mentioned in past postings, the period between 10:00 and 10:30 is when the construction workers and shepherds arrive for their morning “coffee” break. Today was no exception. When I took my place at the end of the bar (right next to the Lotto machine), there were thirteen men lounging about; most of them beefy and wearing coveralls.

Here’s what these thirteen men were drinking at 10:15am:

- Five (5) coffees.
- Five (5) mugs of beers.
- Three (3) snifters of anis dulce (i.e., sweetened, liquorice-flavored 80 proof liquor).
- One (1) snifter of green apple-flavored orujo (i.e., a grappa-like liquor; also 80 proof).
- One (1) snifter of brandy.
- One (1) bottle of alcohol-free beer (you guessed it…this was Skeletor!).

And just like that, they finished their drinks, paid their bills and returned to their power tools and heavy machinery. Impressive!

I ask you…What could be more emasculating than sipping coffee and eating a chocolate chip muffin (dressed in shorts, no less!) amongst a group like this?

I need to buy a Harley-Davidson…and quickly!


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