Wednesday, March 02, 2005


We’ve had a “busy news week” here on planet earth. A huge bomb exploded in Iraq. Lebanon is in the midst of a (hopefully) velvet revolution. The US Supreme Court has banned executions for crimes committed by non-adults.

But does anybody care?

Not really.


Because a certain, much-anticipated celebrity trial started two days ago, and much of the world—Spain included—is enthralled.

The trial is expected to last six months; which means that we’ll all grow tired of it soon enough. At this early stage, however, it’s still a novelty. So let me seize this fleeting opportunity, and offer a Virtual Tapas Bar editorial in the form of…a limerick.

There once was a man from Neverland.
With sequined glove on his left hand.
Though he’ll risk a deflowering.
Whilst the inmates are showering.
One good turn, does another demand.
Sorry. That was a bit childish. Such juvenile indulgences should be forgiven.

Indulgence in juveniles, however, should not.

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