Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I reported last month that my next door neighbor acquired a handsome new rooster named “Bush.” I’ve since been surprised at the level of interest that Bush has generated.

Friends and family ask about his well-being. One gent from California even reproduced Bush’s photo on his own blog.

Given Bush’s popularity (and, more importantly, my lack of anything interesting to say this week), it seemed fitting that I should provide an update on my feathered friend.

I am therefore pleased to report that Bush continues to thrive. He is eating well, gets plenty of exercise and shows no signs of suffering from constipation.

I know this because—much like the great Diane Fossey—I have spent countless hours observing the daily rituals of this noble beast. And while my recent studies have debunked many myths about roosters, none is more important than the following:

MYTH: Roosters start each day by crowing when the sun rises.

FACT: Roosters start each day by crowing TWO HOURS before the sun rises.

Coming soon…a recipe for Coq au Vin.
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