Thursday, September 23, 2004


Have you ever watched an Italian TV variety show? Having spent last week in Italy, I can assure you that I have. And boy, are they are kitschy!

As if their Ed Sullivan-like format and abundance of B-list lounge crooners were not cheesy enough, they take every possible opportunity to jiggle a bikini-clad babe in front of the camera.

Does the host need a microphone? A bikini-clad babe will bring it to him.

Does special guest “Luigi and his dancing Pomeranians” need to be escorted on or off the stage? A bikini-clad babe will show them the way.

And who do you think introduces the bikini-clad babe to the audience? You guessed it…another bikini-clad babe.

I therefore should not have been surprised to stumble across this bar (pictured above) near the beach in Torre Canne (Bari). How do they entice passersby to come in for a beer and burger? With a bikini-clad babe. Made of plywood, no less!

It just confirms that classic proverb from Dr. Seuss:

From there to here
From here to there
Funny things are everywhere.
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At 8:16 PM, Blogger SorenK said...

Sounds like you were watching 'Non e La Rai' - my fave prog in Italy. The best bit is when they play 'hot or cold' - they hide items in the studio then a bevy of bikini clad babes have to search for it with the contestant on the telephone shouting 'hot' if they are near or 'cold' if getting further away. And they usually hide the items in places that require a lot of bending over from the babes!!!! woohooooooo!


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