Thursday, January 20, 2005


Since I am Chairman, CEO and Head Janitor of this blog, I am allowed to hijack it from time to time for personal use. This is one of those times.

As such, I would like to take this opportunity—on behalf of my wife (who I shall refer to as “Mrs. Virtual Tapas Bar”) and myself—to say:

Thank you Anders G. for the bottle of Wyborwa® triple distilled, pure rye grain, Polish vodka. You are correct. We’ll never drink Smirnoff® again…unless it’s mixed with Coke®.

Thank you Jesper K. for being the “mule” who carried the bottle from Denmark to Malta. Lucky for me that the customs agents in Oslo and Amsterdam (the latter being a city where your luggage spent the night…and you didn’t) failed to “confiscate” it for “further analysis.”

Thank you Maciej G. for the two packages of authentic Polish kielbasa (or, more specifically, “kabanosy”) sausages—a piece of which is tightly clenched between my teeth in the above photo. I hope they have something half as good in Hawaii.

I am your contract-writing slave for the next twelve months…except for you, Anders. That’s what you get for leaving the company.
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At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sal and Mrs. Virtual Tapas Bar,

Lovely picture - perfect for the family album. It might actually be so that the "Vodka detour in Europe" actually added to the flavour and tenderness of the Vodka!
Our friends in Norway have a special "snaps" called 'Lysholm Linie Akvavit'. As part of the ageing process the snaps is loaded onto a ship that crosses the Equator twice before it returns to Norway and the snaps is bottled.

PS. as to the skiing and vodka reference below, you are not correct. It actually should be vodka and then skiing, at least in the Scandinavian way :o)


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