Tuesday, October 10, 2006


...he might look something like this.

Is there no end to my COCONUT creativity?

The answer may scare you.


At 11:47 PM, Blogger woman wandering said...

They're brilliant ... your coconut posts make me smile everytime I call by.

I'm Mr T would be flattered ...

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Sal DeTraglia said...

Mr. T flattered? Hmmm...I doubts about the depth of that man's sense of humor.

Anyway...I have a bit more COCONUT life left in me. Stay tuned. Perhaps another celebrity COCONUT impersonator will make an appearance soon.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger euro-trac said...

Yes they are brilliant! Very funny!

Looking forward to the Zappa one! :O)

At 10:30 AM, Blogger christina said...

Ahh, nothing like spitting ones hot drink all over the keyboard first thing in the morning (my mornings start at 10 a.m. so theoretically I've been up since dawn). Thanks for the laugh.

You know who used to adore Mr. T? My grandmother! She had this thing for the A-Team and would watch it whenever she could. I'm now wondering if there were other weird things about her that she *didn't* tell us.

Who's next? Well, Marilyn Monroe is probably out, as is Madonna, but Euro-Trac seems to have some insider information on upcoming coconut celebrities. We'll see.

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Sal DeTraglia said...

Christina: Was it Mr. T that Grandma was jonesing for? Or that hunky George Peppard?

Trac: Zappa? A brilliant idea that hadn't (but should've) crossed my mind.

Of course, there's also the possibility of Roky Erickson. Imagine a COCONUT sporting the mother of all mullets! But sadly, you and I would be the only ones who'd "get it."

The next installment of "Celebrity COCONUT Impersonators" has already been photographed (last night) and will be published tonight or tomorrow. It isn't FZ, but I think you'll see of remarkable, yet unintended, coincidence.

FZ? Hmmm...maybe, just maybe at week's end.

At 5:02 PM, Blogger ironporer said...

Of course you could really go all out and do a set of Kiss Coconuts! Or even just a Gene Simmons Kiss mask.
I get the feeling you are bored Sal...now that you have the BBQ/smoker, life is too good and you need a challenge. Maybe it's time to take up home brewing or winemaking? lol

At 5:14 PM, Blogger Angie said...

I used to love the A-Team. I had a crush on Faceman, and a May-December crush on George Peppard. (I still saw him through Holly Golightly's eyes.) There was an A-Team marathon on TV Land on Sunday, and I watched a couple episodes, so maybe I still love the A-Team.

Mr. T is jumping on the reality TV bandwagon, which I normally hate, but this idea has potential. His show is called "I Pity the Fool" (clever, eh?) and he goes around confronting stupid people. Now, if only he could find stupid people in America...

At 5:15 PM, Blogger Sal DeTraglia said...

Iron Man!

I actually thought about Gene Simmons. But 90% of his face is white, and 100% of my coconut's face is brown.

Boredom? Uhhhh...actually, yes. Despite the millions and millions of BBQ websites and chat rooms on the Internet, BBQ'g itself turned out to be--how shall I say it diplomatically?--not exactly rocket science.

Don't get me wrong. I still love it and, in fact, am having neighbors over for pulled pork in a few weeks. But four smokes was all it took to reclassify Q'g from the "Brave New World" to "Autopilot" category.

Homebrewing? Ha! Been there; done that. Sixteen years ago, to be exact.

Wine making? Wine making?!!! Iron Man, you've lived in Spain. Why bother?

Well...I still have that deep tissue massage thing left to master. ;-)

At 5:17 PM, Blogger Angie said...

Ironporer, you missed the Auburn fair, "America's Largest Family Reunion." (Scary thought.) My fiance had about two dozen fair donuts, down from his record three dozen last year.

We'll be leaving town for our honeymoon on the eve of the fair next year and be gone the entire time. Shane is a bit disappointed that he'll miss the donuts. I told him, um, hello, we're going to be on our honeymoon in Tahiti. If he misses fair donuts while on a Tahitian honeymoon, we have a serious problem.

At 5:17 PM, Blogger Sal DeTraglia said...


Mr. T has a reality show?

What's next? Gary Coleman, host of "Wadjutalkinbout, America?"

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Angie said...

Hi Sal! We're almost talking in real time!

Ugh, Gary Coleman, don't suggest it. Every washed up sitcom/music/movie star in America and their dysfunctional families have a reality show, and 99.9% of them are total crap. The Playboy bunnies have one, Parasite Hilton somehow still has one, that cracked out former Backstreet Boy has one. There's almost nothing worth watching on TV anymore, except Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0458259/ Now that show is funny!

At 5:24 PM, Blogger Angie said...

Ooh, I have an idea!

A coconut reality show!

At 7:13 PM, Blogger CanadianSwiss said...

Your coconut Mr. T made me laugh so much, my belly hurts! I wonder who the next impersonation is going to be.

BTW, can you move coconut Elvis' sideburns a bit more to the front? I keep seeing Pluto's ears instead. Or is it just me??

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Sal DeTraglia said...

Ang: COCONUT Reality Show? Sorry, but...isn't that what I'm doing here?

C-Swiss: I see what you mean...kinda. By that I mean, you see Pluto's ears...I see a COCONUT practicing Orthodox Judaism. Regardless of interpretations, I'll fix this erro PDQ. Elvis would've wanted it that way.

At 7:41 PM, Blogger Sal DeTraglia said...

Ang: A COCONUT Reality Show? Isn't that what I'm doing here?

C-Swiss: Ah ha! I see what you mean, but differently. You see Pluto's ears. I see a COCONUT practicing Orthodox Judaism. Either way, I need to fix the problem. The King would've wanted it that way.

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Kurt said...

Why not do a Rocky Horror Coconut Show hehe.

I pity the fool, that gets between Mr. T and his Meatloaf!

At 9:06 PM, Blogger christina said...

Are coconuts kosher?

At 10:00 PM, Blogger CanadianSwiss said...

Whateva, Sal. They just don't like sideburns


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